I've been fortunate to work some amazing artists, musicians and producers over the years. I've learned from all of them. Here are just a few:

Artists I've toured or recorded with:
Stan Bush
Lou Gramm
Rickie Lee Jones
Gino Vanelli
David Lee Roth
Gregg Rolie
John Kay and Steppenwolf
Bruce Turgon
Henry Kapono
Grandmaster Flash
Rick Springfield
Udo Lindenberg
Eikichi Yazawa

Friends and family:
Gregg Bissonette - one of the best, most versatile drummers I've ever played with
Matt Bissonette - fantastic bass player, now touring with Elton John
Tony Franklin - another monster bass player (the "Fretless Monster"). Now with Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Brett Tuggle - a true "bff", now touring with Fleetwood Mac
Kane Ritchotte - my favorite drummer! Most recently with Portugal. The Man, currently working on a variety of independent projects (Duk, Bad Things, The Ceremonies)

I'm proud to endorse the following equipment:
Line 6 - I love their effects pedals but have used a lot of Line 6 gear, especially on "fly" dates
Ernie Ball - been playing Ernie Balls forever, NEVER had a reason to change
Sugi Guitars - Makoto "Nick" Sugimoto is a MASTER guitar builder. My predominant instruments for the studio and live for almost 10 years.
Gelvin Guitars - a recent addition to my "arsenal", these guitars are made from one piece of wood... amazing sustain. Coupled with the electronics, these are some of the most versatile guitars I've ever played.