Below you'll find a variety of things I've done over my career, starting with my solo album Salute, and including some of latest projects I've contributed to, outtakes and live performances, and even audition tapes I recorded... for gigs I never got! Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy them.
Live in Vegas: Red House
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... except for this always-fun-to-play slow blues jam! Along with my friend Jay Bolan on vocals, I'm joined by the Tony Franklin on bass and Chris Frazier. Yeah... it was fun!
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Recent Projects: Rick Reed
A couple of tracks from two recent projects I did with San Diego-based singer Rick Reed, and which gave me an opportunity to record with my son Kane, who played drums 12 of the 15 songs. The tracks also feature Tony Franklin on bass.
The first track, Broken Heart, is from the album titled "Finally...", by Reed-Ritchotte. In addition to Tony and Kane, the track includes my good friend Brett Tuggle on piano and B3. Had a chance to play a lot of slide on this one. 

Radio Song
is from a just-released Rick Reed EP called "But Wait, There's More". During the solo I had some fun back-and-forth with Wally Minko on B3, who plays with me in Gregg Rolie's band. And in the outro, we just went for it... a couple of one-take overdubs and we were done.
You Can't Win Them All!
I've been fortunate to have performed with many great artists, contributed to many records, and to have done much session work over the years. But that doesn't mean I always got the gig! Following are a couple of pieces submitted that resulted in... NO.
Whitesnake-In the Still of the Night
I played all of the instruments over a programmed drum track, "non-acapella". At the time this audition tape was sent in, my good friend Brett Tuggle was with the band (we also played together with David Lee Roth).

Bread-Guitar Man
Really, I didn't get the Bread gig?! Actually liked this band a lot, and loved some of the production techniques on some of their albums (listen sometime to how wide the drums are mixed). I had some help from my friend Ricky Phillips on this, who played bass and sang background vocals. I played all other instruments and programmed the drum track. Oh yeah, that's me singing too.

Cirque du Soleil
Here are two tracks, both written and submitted to Cirque du Soleil and their Vegas shows. The first is an attempt to capture their more eclectic vibes, the second... Elvis baby!
Commercial Interruptions
Two pieces submitted on spec, the first for a Dodge truck commercial (singing again!), the second to the Pachanga casino for "fight night".
A Couple More...
Sleep Walk is of course, a classic. Recorded this one in my home studio with my son Kane on drums, and me on everything else.

The second song, Batter Up, was written by me and my friend Rich Raposa. We recorded it on a 16-track Fostex, back in the late 80's. I was really happy with my solo on this one. As for singing... me on lead, Richie in the chorus.
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